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Immersion Chillers

Omega’s Immersion chillers make it easy to cool or heat a vast variety of liquids. The bulletproof design ensures that the plates are easy to clean and maintain.

How does an Immersion Chillers work?

Immersion Chiller's can be of a single plate or an assembly of multiple Pillow Plates that are banked together and immersed in a container with liquid.
The medium in the plates can then cool or heat the liquid in the container. Our Immersion exchangers can be utilized in either a continuous flow, or a batch process.

Air Agitation

Agitation can be used to create turbulence at the surface of the Pillow Plates, this will greatly improve the heat transfer coefficient of the process. Agitation can be created by using a recirculation pump, air injection or an agitator.



  • Cooling and heating of various liquids, even high viscosity liquids
  • Easy to maintain due to open design and space between the plates
  • High heat transfer capabilities in a small package for many applications
  • Can be designed to accommodate high flow rates
  • Can be designed to your specific needs and dimensions

If you want to know more about the design, request additional information





All of our Immersion Chillers are custom-made. Please consult an Omega IceHill Sales Engineer so we can discuss your requirements for cooling or heating and determine which solution is best for you. Below are some of the service medium and material options:



We can carry out our Immersion Chillers, depending on the available dimensions, up to capacities of 3.00 kW per unit.
This allows you to cool your liquid to 0.1 °C without the risk of damage by freezing ice.


Cooling medium

Almost all cooling or heating mediums can be used with our Immersion Plate Banks, such as steam, thermal oil, R717, CO2, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, R22, R134A and R404A.



Omega Immersion Plate Banks are made of stainless steel types such as 304, 316, SMO-254 and Duplex 2205. If you need specific materials, please email our engineers.



Our Immersion Chillers are often used to cool highly contaminated liquids. The Immersion Chiller is now also used for other applications. If you are interested and want to know whether an Immersion Chiller can also be used for your industry, please email one of our engineers.

  • Cold water for bakeries
  • Cold water for food processing
  • Direct cooling and/or heating in storage tanks
  • Heat recovery for municipal waste water
  • Heaters for distillation

You can also choose a combination of Ice Bank and Immersion Chiller. During operation hours, the cooler functions as an Immersion Chiller, while at night, when there is no consumption, the cooler builds up ice.

Do you want to know more about the design or have a heat calculation made? Contact one of our engineers. Or download the Immersion Heat Exchanger PDF.