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Omega Evaporative Condenser - Plate Type

The Omega Evaporative  Condenser are high efficient condensers which are based on Pillow Plate technology. These condensers have upper hand over the old coil based technology as they give higher efficiency due to high heat exchange coefficient.

Combined with the rich experience which Omega has for the Falling Film chillers and the Ice Machine and the everlasting knowledge of IceHill in the field of refrigeration Omega IceHill has been supplying these condensers which not only excel the expected performance but has also given answers to customers who were facing regular problems due to certain limitations of the old technology.


Advantages of Plate Type Evaporative Condenser :

  • Higher Heat Exchange Coefficient.
  • Lower Energy Consumption.
  • Highly suitable for sub continent atmospheric condition.
  • Smaller Foot-Print.
  • Easy Maintenance. Pillow Plate bank can easily be cleaned even by a lay man.
  • Longer Equipment life.
  • Easy to replace damaged plate in any.
  • Very slow scaling as compared to traditional technology.

If you want to know more about the design, request additional information.






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Depending on your requirement, our condensers can  produced a capacity of 100kwatt to 2,000 kWatt per unit.
The higher capacities can be accommodated by multiplying the number of units.



All our Condensers are custom-made. Together with an engineer, we will discuss your need of the system and hence the right capacity. 

Do you want to know more about the design or have a heat calculation made? Contact one of our engineers. Or download the Evaporative Condenser PDF.