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Energizing Bread Industry

Food processing industry is one of the most expanding sectors in the developing countries like India. Bakery products manufacturing industry forms the backbone of this segment as they have the easiest penetration to the common Indian kitchen. The bakery products not only just caters the quick and witty young generation but is also very famous among the old generation and the little ones attracting them with various flavors and the colors.

Adding to the product quality of this fast growing industry Omega IceHill's Falling Film Chillers and Flake Ice Machine have improved the quality and productivity of this industry many folds. Using the efficient chillers and ice machine bread industries have now been able to deliver product with uniform quality irrespective of which part of year they are working in with added benefit of highly improved productivity and lower electric consumption 

Falling Film Chillers for Dough making

 Uniform Dough making have always been a challenging job for the bread industry. By using Omega's FFC bread industry have been greatly benefitted as they have a proper control over their product's basic raw material. 


Flake Ice Machine for quick processing

In the tropical climate where the atmospheric temperature remains on the higher side for 8 months to 10 months of the year. Flake Ice Machine forms a perfect solution to the bread and bakery industry to improve their output without any impact on qulaity of the product. 

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We have already been able to carry out many projects in the Bread /Bakery industry Pan India. Our prestigious projects in this arena :

  • Britannia - Pan India.
  • Bakanan Foods (Bonn Bread)
  • Harvest India
  • Modern Bread
  • TRDP - (Mario)

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