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Omega Engineering, Netherland was founded in 1989 by Ir. Herman J Oonk and Ir. William F Jense.

They started manufacturing Pillow Plates by using resistance spot welding. They sold it as a major component of the Falling Film Chiller, and Ice Banks they built as proprietary products. They soon began selling Heat Transfer Panels to manufacturers of storage tanks for the Food and Beverage industry. Omega Engineering is now one of the largest suppliers of this type of heat transfer surface in Western Europe.

Omega Thermo Products LLC is located in Wisconsin, U.S. and has full manufacturing abilities.

It became clear to Omega Engineering that resistance spot and roll seam welding had drawbacks that were limiting their growth and the application of their product. They found little available welding equipment that would provide a quantum leap forward in welding technology. Being convinced that laser welding would offer such a leap forward, they acquired a Rofin Sinar laser source and developed the first Welding System designed specifically to produce inflatable heat transfer surface.

By 1995 Omega Engineering’s business had grown to the extent that another more powerful Laser Welding System was necessary to meet production. They designed, manufactured and placed the new system in service in early 1996.

OMEGA Engineering, together with OMEGA Laser Products, have secured their place as the leader within the laser welding industry for heat exchanger plates. With projects for the leading companies in process industry Omega have the capacity and track record to deliver the highest quality available. The skills and knowledge gained through years of experience in providing heat exchanging solutions, ensures that the highest level of workmanship is maintained throughout all of the projects.

With our conviction of all the advantages of our product, we always find a solution to cool or heat your product.

We manufacture Pillow Plates and Heat Exchangers from our locations in the Netherlands, USA and India.



This is the heritage upon which Omega IceHill was founded. Looking at the rapid growth of Indian economy and requirements of this product in the market, Omega, Netherlands decided to have a local presence in India. Omega IceHill Pvt. Ltd. (OIPL) has been set up as a Joint Venture where in Omega has joined hands with IceHill Group to set up a manufacturing facility at Rudrapur in Uttrakhand.

This state of art facility is spread over 2000 Sq. Mtr. of constructed area. The key equipment for Laser Welding and Laser Cutting are supplied by Omega. These equipments are installed and commissioned under the direct supervision of technicians from Omega, Netherlands.

Products are manufactured using the latest available laser welding technology, the most automated laser welding system. The facility consists of two Laser Welding Machines, with capacity to weld up to 2000 mm width and length up to 8000 mm, and a Laser Cutting machine capable of handling matching job length and width. OIPL is committed to the highest quality service for your everyday and ASME product applications.




Due to our own development of the laser welding machine for Pillow Plates, we have brought about a huge change in the field of production technology and heat transfer.

In the past we primarily manufactured Pillow Plate heat exchangers for the dairy and food industry because of our efficient and cost-saving solutions. Nowadays we collaborate in all kinds of industries, such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry where we offer innovative solutions.
Omega regularly develops products that heat or cool in the production process. We do this in cooperation with the largest process technology companies.
We are proud to be the inventors of laser welding machines with the largest production capacity worldwide and produce the best quality Pillow Plates. We have had this status for more than 30 years and we surely want to maintain this position in the future. Therefore our R & D department makes a constant effort to improve the quality of our products and developing our laser welding machines.
Would you like to see how we do this? You are most welcome in our company.


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