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Omega Thermo Products is all about Pillow Plates; we make tank walls, bottoms, cooling panels and complete heat exchangers consisting of Pillow Plates.
With our conviction of all the advantages of our product, we always find a solution to cool or heat your product.
We manufacture Pillow Plates and Heat Exchangers from our locations in the Netherlands, USA and India.


As inventors of laser-welded machines for the production of Pillow Plates, we have started as pioneers to convince the world of our product. Today, our Omega Pillow Plates are used worldwide in thousands of different applications. Nevertheless, pioneering is still a big part of our corporate culture. Our employees are driven, innovative technical engineers who are always open to new ideas. They are happy to come up with a solution for your problem and make a heat calculation for you.

Continue to develop

In addition, our Research & Design department is working daily to further develop our laser welding machines for even better production of Omega Pillow Plates.
In the food industry, chemistry and pharmacy, wishes are becoming increasingly stringent and the demands on our plates and appliances also become stricter. We can only keep track of this development if we continue to develop our laser welding machines.


Service is very important to us. Where other companies come under the heading of service, it is the most normal thing for us to implement that one change, to carry out that extra test or to see how material can be saved.