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The largest beer brands in the world rely on Laser Plates from Omega

The largest beer brands worldwide rely on our Laser Plates. Omega IceHill's Products are proud that globally, all large and small beer breweries, use Omega Laser Plates for direct as well indirect heating and cooling.

Our heat exchangers contribute to various stages of the beer production process, such as wort preparation, fermentation and the storage of finished products.

With over 30 years of experience in design and production of heat exchangers in the beer industry, we know your needs and can contribute with well-founded solutions for various processes.

Mash Cooking Tanks

During different periods of mash cooking, the malt dissolved in water must be alternated and heated to different temperatures then cooled down. Because this process determines the final taste of the beer, it is very important to do this in a controlled manner, within the right time frame and temperatures. Our engineers are happy to help you with how many square feet of heat transfer surface is needed to reach the desired temperatures within the set timeline.

Preparing the Wort (Mash tanks)

Wort is the base of the beer. After filtering, the wort will be cooked. This cooking process ensures that the proteins present can flocculate and be filtered off. The concentration of sugar increases due to the evaporation of water. This makes the flavor of the beer fuller and heavier.The cooking process is supported by heating the Omega Laser Plate tanks to the desired temperatures.

The Fermentation process

The wort will be cooled to 39 °F as quickly as possible after filtering. This rapid cooling is important because the cooling temperature is detrimental for the yeast process. Cooling with Omega Laser Plates makes the process easily controllable and reproducible.

We can support this process by running heat transfer calculations and determining square footage based on cooling times and temperatures needed by the customer. After the cooling process, the beer is aerated to ensure the reproducibility of the yeast.

Bright Beer Tanks (BBT)

After the fermentation process, in many cases the beer is filtered, resulting in clear beer. This beer will be stored in BBT tanks until the moment of bottling. About 50% of the tank surface of these vessels is equipped with Laser Plates to keep the beer at the correct temperature until the moment of bottling.

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Laser Plates are the most important part of the brewing process when it comes to heating or cooling. NH3, glycol or a DX system, are the most popular cooling mediums. Heating is generally done with steam, water, glycol or thermal oil. These are very efficient and extremely well controlled ways of heating or cooling.

  • Cost effective solution because the Laser Plates are welded to the tank shell before shipment
  • No welding color on the inside of the tank (protective plastic PVC can stay on while the plate is being welded)
  • Higher U-values, making the mash process faster
  • The use of Laser Plates means more uniform heating
  • Improved energy efficiency through more turbulent flow at a lower flow rate with the same temperature medium


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