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Industrial Ice Machine

Omega Ice Machines can be used in various industries. Our Ice Machines are the ideal solution if you require large amounts of ice for your application. The Omega Ice Machine is designed with efficiency in mind, they take up less space and are easy to maintain due to utilization of laser welded Omega Pillow Plates which function as the evaporator.


How does an Ice Machine work?

The Omega Ice Machine works as follows: Water is pumped into a distribution pan, from here it flows down and films on the exterior of the Pillow Plates. A refrigerant is pumped on the interior of the evaporator which results in a uniform ice build-up on the exterior of the Pillow Plates. Once the ice reaches a thickness of between 5mm and 10mm, depending on the application requirements, there is a hot gas cycle applied to the inside of the evaporator so the ice build-up is released from the exterior of the Pillow Plates to fall down into a reservoir. Once the ice falls down it breaks into smaller pieces which then allows it to be pumped out or transported by a screw conveyor to where the ice is required.



  • Capacities from 1.000 up to >100.000 Kg/day of ice per unit
  • Low energy consumption due to high refrigerant evaporating temperature and low volume
  • No moving parts which results in low maintenance requirements
  • High amount of ice production due to efficient laser welded evaporator Pillow Plates
  • Units are easily cleanable due to the accessibility from all sides of the evaporator and large spaces between the Pillow Plates
  • Large heat transfer area compared to the footprint required

If you want to know more about the design, request additional information.





All of our Ice Machines are custom-made. Please consult an Omega IceHill Sales Engineer so we can discuss your requirements for cooling or heating and determine which solution is best suitable for you. Below are some of the service medium and material options:



Depending on your requirements, Omega Ice Machines produce 1.000 to > 100.000 kg of ice a day.
Per Pillow Plate, 5 - 10 mm of ice can be frozen on both sides at a time.


Cooling medium

Almost all cooling or heating mediums can be used with our Ice Machines, such as R717, CO2, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, and Freon refrigerants.
If you want to use other coolants, please email one of our engineers.



Omega Ice Machines can be made of stainless steel types such as 304, 316, SMO-254 and Duplex 2205. If you need specific materials, please email one of our engineers.



Ice Machines were originally used for the fresh food and beverage industry. We now see that our Ice Machines are also used for other applications.
Examples of industries where our ice machines are used are:

  • Beverage industry for cooling soft drinks
  • Fishing industry, cooling freshly caught fish
  • Concrete industry, mixing and cooling concrete in countries with high temperatures
  • Ice production for thermal storage
  • Dairy industry
  • Ice for the mining industry (Mponeng gold mine)
  • Poultry industry
  • Meat industry

Do you want to know more about the design or have a heat calculation made? Contact one of our engineers. Or download the Ice Machine PDF.